PowerChalk® is the first and only web-based sports motion telestrator that lets you upload, markup, and voice-over videos without installing high-priced, hard to use (and harder to configure) software. Already in use by Major League players and teams, PowerChalk® is changing the face of sports instruction.

Web-Based Motion Analysis in 4 Steps

Step 1: Record Video
Record video using your mobile device
Step 2: Upload to POWERCHALK
Upload and store your video in our secure cloud
Step 3: Markup and Voiceover
Use the ChalkTalk Telestrator® to analyze & instruct
Step 4: Share your Video
Share your video with players, coaches, etc.
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Online Lessons

Upload your video and have a professional instructor of your choice analyze your mechanics. Get help from the best professionals in every sport, regardless of their location or distance from you.

Players: Improve Your Game with a lesson from a PowerChalk® Pro instructor.
Coaches: Sign Up Here to qualify to give lessons.

Download the Free PowerChalk App

  • Upload videos to your PowerChalk Locker
  • Analyze in slow motion from anywhere
  • Share videos to players and parents
  • Access all content and videos from PowerChalk.com
  • Screen drawing and voice-over instruction

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