In every sport, professional athletes have developed or been taught the optimal kinetic chain that leads to speed, power and consistency. When they practice, they commit these mechanics to their muscle memory. Amateur athletes are also ingraining their practice motions but for most, their movements are not optimal. In both cases, these movements become the athlete's instincts. For better or for worse - practice makes permanent.

Your mechanics set the ceiling on your sports success. Modern research has shown and books like The Talent Code have elaborated on the importance of installing pro mechanics early in athletic endeavors. Studying, understanding and modeling pro mechanics is quite simply one of the most effective ways to improve the performance of any aspiring athlete. develops video analysis hardware and software that helps parents and coaches help their players optimize their mechanics. We help you get better faster.

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1. Record: Capture sports video with your mobile phone or digital camera. Install the PowerChalk Android or iPhone app to upload videos to your cloud locker.
2. Install: the ChalkTalk Telestrator for your PC or Mac. Add voice-over and markup as you compare videos side-by-side in stop/slow motion. Share your screen or save your analysis as a ChalkTalk video.
3. Share: Send video links to players, parents and coaches to share your insights. Watch videos from any of your devices.

ChalkTalk Hitting!

Players and parents - For spring training 2022, PowerChalk founder Chaz Henry has built 'ChalkTalk Hitting' - a two hour video course that teaches you how to teach yourself hitting. In the course you'll learn the ten things that every professional hitter does. You'll also learn how to use the ChalkTalk Telestrator to compare your swing to your chosen pro model.
The class will be delivered on Udemy. Chaz's first course Wrangling MLB Pitchf/x Data with Python has had thousands of students and has received 4.8 of 5 stars.
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You are the most influential and consistent factor in your child's athletic career. Learn what you can do to support your child, your coach and your collective development.


The more reps you take with sub-optimal mechanics, the more you commit that motion to memory. Are you 'grooving' a bad swing that you'll need to unlearn? Click here to find out.

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