Sorry, I'm unavailable for lessons at the moment. Feel free to review my profile while I'm gone and get to know more about me. When I'm back I'd be happy to help you with your next lesson.

See you soon,
Dave Stanley @ GolfEd.

Dave Stanley @ GolfEd.

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Dave is the founder of GolfEd and the developer of the GolfEd teaching program. Dave has been teaching the golf swing for almost 15 years. During this time he has given close to 15,000 lessons to golfers of all ability levels. From people who have never swung a golf club to touring professionals. He is genuinely interested in your success as a student and making your personal goals as a golfer realized.

Dave studied Professional Golf Management at Methodist University in North Carolina which is an accredited PGA of America program. Swing philosophies were developed through this program and working with legendary swing coach, Paul Bertholy. Paul is considered by many to have been one of the top teachers of all time.

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