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Greg Greksa

Greg Greksa

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Greg is a PGA Professional & Director of Instruction with over 15 years of teaching experience. He has given over 10,000 lessons in his last 6 years of coaching. He is on the Callaway Advisory Staff and has his club fitting certifications with most major club companies.

In 2006 he moved to Raleigh from Saucon Valley Country Club to pursue teaching full time. Over the years, he has attended seminars given by Mike Malaska, Dr. Craig Farnsworth, Dr. Bob Rotella, Mike Bender, Hank Haney, Mike Adams and Mike Bennett & Andy Plummer (Stack & Tilt). He feels it is important to study and learn from the best instructors around the world. It is also important to utilize video so the student can see the swing. He understands that each person has their own natural ability and that the instructor/student relationship is a team effort. A good instructor will listen to the student and help them learn how their swing is working.

Through his years as a Golf Professional, Greg has had the privilege to give golf lessons to Koren Robinson (NFL), Chad LaRose (NHL), David Faye (USGA), Terry Hart (NASA Astronaut), David Garrard (NFL), Brooke Langton (Actress), Ron Wooten (NFL), Gary Gaetti (MLB) and Greg Harris (MLB).

For more on Greg, please view his video lessons at Grexa Golf Instruction on YouTube. You may also contact him at

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