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Bill Renner

Bill Renner

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Coach Bill Renner is a veteran high school coach of 28 years. He has been a head high school coach for 23 years at four high schools in Virginia and in North Carolina. Coach Bill Renner is uniquely qualified to assist you with your kicking and punting training needs. His experience spans every facet of kicking and punting coaching. It includes playing, owning and directing kicking and punting camps, doing recognized educational research on punting and kicking techniques, authoring numerous articles and a book on coaching and teaching these skills, appearing in nationally recognized media as a kicking and punting expert, consulting with college and NFL teams and most of all coaching kickers and punters on his own team. His insight of being a head football coach for 23 years separates him as a coach of kicking and punting skills.

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Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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