Sorry, I'm unavailable for lessons at the moment. Feel free to review my profile while I'm gone and get to know more about me. When I'm back I'd be happy to help you with your next lesson.

See you soon,
Dave Clay

Dave Clay

39 | 481

I am a professional baseball pitching and hitting instructor, as well as softball hitting.
1981-drafted by the Atlanta Braves out of West Chester Univ.
1981-1985-pitcher in the Atlanta Braves Org.
1984-Rolaids Relief Award recipient for the Southern League
1984-1986-San Juan Metros of the Puerto Rico Winter League
1986-1987-pitcher in the Milwaukee Brewer and Los Angeles Dodger Org.
Former coaches include Leo Mazzone, Johnny Sain, Bobby Dews, Bruce Dal Canton, and Duffy Dyer

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