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Steve Chaballa

Steve Chaballa

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Learn How To Develop Explosive Baseball Pitching Mechanics

Your pitching analysis and personalized instruction will be compared side-by-side to a professional pitching model at key phases of your pitching delivery. Our analysis will provide you with an overall pitching break down of 10 key phases of what you are doing well, what needs improvement, and instruction on how to improve.

Using video clips allows us to slow down the pitching motion, go frame-by-frame so you can clearly see and spot any faults that aren't allowing you to increase velocity.

You will see why it's impossible using just the naked eye...and why most pitching instructors who don't videotape cannot possibly provide accurate feedback about a pitcher's mechanics.

Here’s what you’ll receive with our video analysis:
* An analysis of your pitching motion with a professional voice over.
* 10 Steps To An Efficient Explosive Pitching Delivery, which identifies movement and timing elements of the delivery and what you need to work on.
* Compared side-by-side to a top high velocity pitcher.
* Reveal the common faults that reduce force production and power.
* Provide you with tips and drills for ongoing improvement.

Watch one of our video analysis and see how we can help you pinpoint the exact areas in your motion that you can improve today in order to become an explosive pitcher and reduce the risk of injury. Don't wait any longer, download your video today.

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Howell, New Jersey
Online Lesson Fee:$40.00
Turnaround Time:48 hours

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